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Normal Topic Hoy do you think in ches? (Read 1078 times)
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Re: Hoy do you think in ches?
Reply #1 - 11/03/18 at 00:19:39
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There's a lot of literature about it but no experimental or quasi-experimental research.

If someone has time to spend 7 weeks long 15 minutes per day with tactics, best on a website, books ar all right too, I would be happy if I could collect the data.

The design is easy. If you have not been used to it start with the first Lasker question: What are the checks? On it made me gain more than 200 "rating"points of its tactics trainer.

In the days of woodpeckering this would be an more economic way of getting a better thinking process and I feel the results still today. But as I know the problems of personal observations I would prefer to get some data. So everyone on each level is welcome to contact me and find a way to share his results anonymously.

Edit: Personal mail would be the right way to communicate this in days of public data collecting imo.

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Hi chess friends!!

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Hoy do you think in ches?
11/02/18 at 20:49:45
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Dear  friends: I think the most important thing in chess is the way we think. A friend told me to think this way: 1) what is the threat of the other player? 2) Do I have a check? 3) Can i capture anything 4) can I make a threat? And if I do not find anything I should try to improve the position of my pieces. What do you think? ( I am sorry about my english.) Smiley
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