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Re: Chess Structures - A Grandmaster Guide
Reply #1 - 12/21/18 at 14:03:36
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The general subject matter is the same. It goes into more detail and is pitched at a higher level. I think that it's most useful for 2000+ players. There is an extended excerpt on the Quality Chess site ( so you can see if it's for you. It has gotten outstanding reviews (and I've liked what I've read of it), so I don't think you have to worry much about quality of instruction.
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Chess Structures - A Grandmaster Guide
12/21/18 at 13:37:49
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Chess Structures - A Grandmaster Guide by Mauricio Flores Rios

Apologies if there's a thread on this book already, I had a look but didn't see one.

I hear good things about this book, but it seems very similar in concept to Pawn Structure Chess by Andrew Soltis, which I already have.

Has anyone read both books and can say what the Flores Rios book covers that the Soltis book doesn't (if anything), and how they compare in quality of instruction?  Is it worth getting if I already have the Soltis one?
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