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Re: Fast shipping chess book distributor
Reply #1 - 05/08/19 at 12:14:56
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check out Kaoori Chess, they have free UK and EU delivery on all orders
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Fast shipping chess book distributor
12/23/18 at 04:33:27
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I have some books to order, especially some of the new openings books published this months such as the Najdorf of Everyman. Since it is Christmas season, the post always gets very slow due to so many parcels being delivered.

Between all of the chess books distributors:

London Chess Centre (GBR)
ChessDirect (GBR)
DeBesteZet (NED)
Variantes (FRA)
La casa del ajedrez (ESP)
Marchand (BEL)
New in Chess (NED)
Scacco (ITA)
Schackbuticken (SWE)
Het Paard (NED)
Chessbookshop (CZE)
Schahversand Niggemann (DEU)
Sjakkhuset (NOR)
Caissa (POL)

and any others that I forgot to mention, can you tell which ones would give fast shipping of new titles, especially expedited to home delivery with FedEx or DHL ¿ Thank you.
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