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Re: TCEC Season 14 Superfinal
Reply #1 - 02/10/19 at 05:48:30
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phonological_loop wrote on 02/04/19 at 18:54:40:
The match seems like it will be close

That was a good call! 30 games in, we're looking at a 15:15 - with both engines sitting on +6-6=18

It's very nice to see which level Leela has attained even while still missing "simple" (seems very humanly findable, even) tactics like here on move 34
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TCEC Season 14 Superfinal
02/04/19 at 18:54:40
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Hello, I wanted to note that the TCEC Season 14 superfinal between Stockfish and Leela Chess Zero has begun (

This is of interest because Lc0, the open source clone of Deepmind's AlphaZero (which it has already surpassed in strength due to some technical improvements), is based on a neural network, while Stockfish is definitely the strongest chess engine based on "classical" techniques such as alpha-beta pruning. The match seems like it will be close, although I believe Stockfish will win by a small margin.

Note however that the Lc0 entry is based on the so-called "Test30" neural network. The Lc0 team is currently training a "Test40" network with further improvements, which may definitively surpass Stockfish in strength.

Stockfish Elo progress may be seen here:

It is remarkable that Lc0 is almost at equivalent strength after only about a year of work. And the project is far from having exhausted ideas for improvement.
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