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Bombastic Bird
02/08/19 at 14:44:08
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Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone got to look at the Bombastic Bird dvd by chess base and what they think of it? I am kinda interested in it. I always thought the Bird was interesting and think it's probably a good opening to play to cut down on the study time. The author says he has a number of novelties in it too which could be interesting. I did notice from the description he gives lines where he plays b3 and Bb2 in a Leningrad type position and seems to play f4 when he can. Also curious to see what he gives 's the Froms (something I know I have to book up on). Oh also is this an aggressive rep he gives in general? I don't play the Leningrad so not the most farmilar with those positions. When I played the bird I usually did stone wall or Bird Larsen stuff. Thanks.
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