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Re: Max database size that a database can handle.
Reply #1 - 02/14/19 at 23:28:00
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Don't know about scid, but unlike ChessBase Light I'm fairly certain the full version of ChessBase is technically unlimited. Or rather, you are limited by hardware rather than software. The ChessBase Big Database 2018 is over 7MM unannotated games, and works just fine in either ChessBase 8 or 14 ... on modern hardware. Of course, if I tried to open this db in CB8 on the netbook, it would be noticeably slow for some operations. On older hardware than that, it could get erratic.

Here's an illustration of what I mean. I have a home-made PGN database of 27.4 MB, almost 32,000 games, mostly annotated. Using the iOS app Chess Studio, results are entirely hardware dependent.
  • On the iPad 2018 (not Pro), it's fine. I can browse, filter, edit and save games.
  • On the iPhone SE, it's not fine. I can browse sometimes, filtering is dicey, trying to save a game just force quits the app. Of course with smaller databases there is no problem whatsoever.
This example shows it's not the software at all that is limiting the practical database size, it's the hardware it is running on.
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Max database size that a database can handle.
02/14/19 at 00:06:24
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What's the largest database size that scid / chessbase can handle?
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