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Re: Subtree grafting with ChessBase
Reply #1 - 08/06/19 at 13:25:50
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Being a PGN guy, I copy the game into a PGN database, open in a text editor, and use cut/paste to move the variations. The only issue is if the move numbers are different.

I have tried it using purely ChessBase operations. Often it works, but not always. Anyway, make a copy of your game with only the to-be-moved variations. Create a second game with just your new move order and maybe the first moves of the to-be-moved variations. Drag/drop the first onto the second and see what happens.
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Subtree grafting with ChessBase
08/06/19 at 11:48:58
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Say I have a bunch of variations that are in a game following a specific move order. I now want to move or copy these variations to another move in the game that has the same position (i.e. I want to graft this subtree onto a different move order).

Is there some way to do this with ChessBase? With SCID?
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