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Re: Curious about recent Scheveningen articles
Reply #1 - 08/14/19 at 10:36:00
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The answer to the first question is no. All of the games cleave to the exact move order you give.
I don't have any recent informants so I can't give any answer to the second question.
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Curious about recent Scheveningen articles
08/13/19 at 20:35:45
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I wonder if anyone can comment on these.

1.  The latest Yearbook (131) has an article apparently addressing 6. g4 h6 7. h4 Nc6 8. Rg1 d5 9. ed Nxd5 10. Nxd5 ed 11. Be3 Qxh4 (which was considered satisfactory for Black in the March 2018 Open Sicilians update).  Does it have anything to say about 7. Rg1, which was advocated in two White repertoire books from 2017?

2.  The latest Informant (140) has an article titled "The Scheveningen Variation – The Heart of the Sicilian."  Is it a general/historical introduction, or does it focus on recent theoretically significant games, or ...?
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