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Re: Double Fianchetto by Hausrath
Reply #1 - 01/17/20 at 20:05:08
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Sounds good, being a 1 Nf3 player it is hard to find many books on it as I think they are tricky to write due to all the possible transpositions.

As you say GM Hausrath seems to know his away around this opening as he plays it a lot and good on Thinkers Publishing for being prepared to support him with this project.

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Double Fianchetto by Hausrath
01/16/20 at 19:19:18
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As a promotional gift I got the 2020 calendar from Thinkers Publishing.
Contains some nice photos with a young lady holding chess books from TP.
And some covers of published or forthcoming chess books from TP, among them:

Double Fianchetto - The Modern Chess Lifestyle by GM Daniel Hausrath

Obviously this book is planned for 2020 but I haven’t found any other hint,
neither an advertising blurb nor a publication date.
But looks like an opening book. Or at least a book about middlegame structures
with strong relations to opening theory?!
[PS: The cover in the calendar shows a diagram from the left (a-file at the bottom)
after the moves b2-b3, g2-g3, b7-b6 and g7-g6]

Looking at the databases, I found that Hausrath has played some Hippos and
some Tigers but recently most often Modern Philidor and King’s Indian with black.
But as White Hausrath is a specialists for several Reti-English setups after 1.Nf3,
sometimes with 2.b3 but more often with 2.g3, followed by an Double Fianchetto!

Huh tracke  Smiley
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