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Normal Topic QID vs QGD? (Read 423 times)
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Re: QID vs QGD?
Reply #1 - 02/13/20 at 14:51:34
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Speaking only for myself, I would choose the QID over the QGD because of a general distaste for the Black side of double Queen Pawn openings.
On the whole, I also prefer playing against an IQP rather than with it.
I am comfortable with various forms of Hedgehog (truly a requisite for employing the QID) as well as hybrid NID/QID lines that feature the occupation and control of e4 with pieces.
I'd also say that early liquidation is less common in the QID than the QGD and there is probably a bit more room for Black to outplay White. There is no doubt a bit more risk involved as well, especially if one plays into White's dangerous gambit lines with d5 and Nh4.
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02/13/20 at 14:20:26
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What are the reasons that make people choose the QID over the QGD? Is it down to whether you prefer hanging pawns or the IQP?
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