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The Schallop Defence
05/10/20 at 16:58:46
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Various 1 e4 e5 repertoire sources in the last couple of years have been recommending the so-called Schallopp Defence against the King's Knight's gambit: 1 e4 e5 2 f4 exf4 3 Nf3 Nf6 4 e5 Nh5. This was quite popular in the 1940s-60s, probably as a result of Keres's famous loss against Alekhine, Salzburg 1942, but then it received comparatively little attention until quite recently.

Now it has featured in the game Carlsen-Ding Liren, played on the World Champion's "bad day at the office" in the Carlsen Invitational 2020 - and Black appeared to win rather easily.

This game was featured in a recent Danny King Power Play show at the Chessbase website and it's also been annotated by Dennis Monokroussos at his blog. King offered 10 Ne4 as a possible improvement on Carlsen's play and opined that for ordinary players Black's game in the Schallopp is maybe not as easy in practice as theory might suggest.

Can our Forum KG experts and fans somehow restore White's chances against the Schallopp?

Of course, even if White can somehow get a playable game against the Schallopp, the old King's Gambit boat is unfortunately leaking in several other places as well.

Carlsen-Ding_KGA_Schallopp.pgn ( 0 KB | 77 Downloads )
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