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Four Knights - for Novice Players?
06/13/20 at 13:04:28
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Why not begin opening education with the Four Knights?

I am a Novice and I am starting to feel that my focus on tactical, although proper and needed, is also revealing the need to at least begin approaching some opening or other. I have received suggestions previously on this such has the First Steps books. But in my play I am forever falling into the Four Knights, especially as white. The St. Louis Chess Club has a lecture on You-Tube that plainly states this is very common for newbies. I get that.

My question to the group is: Is there anything all that bad about either the theory or learning process of the Four Knights that I should know about? At my level it doesn't matter whether or not the latest & greatest are playing it, just how appropriate would you consider it for a novice? I do feel comfortable in it! Citing what I can understand from the FCO, I would say that I seem to be playing into the Spanish/Scotch lines of this opening.

I just want to try getting my toes wet, but I have gotten terrific advise from all you in the past so I thought I'd throw this question out there, FWIW.

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