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Nunn‘s Endgame Exercises
06/15/20 at 17:28:48
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Gambit Publications has announced another forthcoming book:

The Chess Endgame Exercise Book  by GM John Nunn
444 exercises, 192 pages; £18 / $23 / €24
October 2020

“All major types of endgame are covered, together with a wide-ranging chapter on endgame tactics. Examples are drawn from recent practice or from little-known studies. The emphasis is on understanding and applying endgame principles and rules of thumb. You will learn by experience, but always backed up by Nunn’s expert guidance to ensure that the lessons you take away from the book are correct and useful“

Looks interesting! But I‘m curious for the level of analysis. Both volumes of Nunn‘s Chess Endings were superb but too demanding for a lazy worker like me. Probably this one is easier and on the level of Understanding Chess Endgames ?!

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