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Normal Topic Can we get a link added on the mobile site? (Read 1457 times)
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Re: Can we get a link added on the mobile site?
Reply #1 - 08/26/20 at 09:26:35
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Sorry, I've only just noticed this post, I'll point it out to the programmer.
In the meantime, can you just enter the page name directly, like, say?
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Can we get a link added on the mobile site?
06/27/20 at 16:52:24
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Can we get a link added to the mobile site to allow us to view the full site?

On the mobile site, all you can get to is the 12 sections, your account, and the forum.

Those links on the right of each of the 12 sections are unavailable.  So on a phone, you cannot get to the PDF files.  You also cannot get to the page with the previous articles.  You can go to THE PREVIOUS article with the link in the body of the page, but you can only go one month at a time.

For example, let's say I want to get to Watson's article on 7...Kf8 that he did in June 2018.

On the full site, you can go to the previous articles page, go under C18, and go to the Kf8 stuff which links to June 2018.

On the mobile site, only way to get there is go to June 2020, click previous article link.  You are now at May 2020.  Click previous article again to get to April 2020.  Repeat 22 more times to get to June 2018.

Can we please get a link on the mobile site to go to the desktop site so that we can easily get to articles from 2000 to 2019 from a phone?
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