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Normal Topic Chrome Extension for use with the Lichess site (Read 583 times)
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Re: Chrome Extension for use with the Lichess site
Reply #1 - 12/15/20 at 02:29:01
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Hi pawngun,

Could you explain why this should be allowed? Why doesn't it constitute receiving outside assistance/information during play?

I guess there must be some built-in limitation that you can only see the Analyzer bar on other people's ongoing games, not on one you're playing yourself.

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Chrome Extension for use with the Lichess site
12/14/20 at 18:14:00
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Hi everyone, Im a developer and I made Chrome Extension for Live Chess Analysis in games.

Is really cool if you are streaming or seen another games lives.
Unfortunately the extension is not in the store right now cause its takes forever to get publish.

So in the site are 3 steps tutorial to add the extension manually
Check the site:

The extension adds a bar where you can see who has the advantage right now. But do not suggest moves.

imgur. com/eFgXnmc
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