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Where does Fritz 17 Store Evaluations (answered)
03/29/21 at 18:43:31
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[I recently asked this but now have the answer and started a new topic in hopes it might make matters easier for others in the future. All information was checked by trial and error on my PC - A Windows 10 64bit with no known mal-behaviors.]


There are two answers to this:
1. In your Autosave DB.
2. By manually saving it elsewhere, such as a DB of your choice/creation.

Here is some of the email I received from Support,

The evaluations are stored in the game notation.
The analysed game itself is stored at the end of the database as new game.
For instance I analysed one game of my autosave database. After the analysis the game is the last game in this autosave database.

For more details please check "Full analysis/Tactical Analysis" in the program help (F1 inside the program opens the documentation).

But note! "the database" is not the same as ANY database . Nor does it always mean the particular DB you are using at that time.
And my reply,

Ah, ha!

So the answer was found in your reply when you said this,  "my autosave database." Once I opened *that* DB, there were all my attempts at analysis, etc. Nothing in the Full Analysis-referenced help pages (which I read before emailing Support) says that your annotated games are stored in "Autosave." If it is elsewhere that does nothing for those trying to sort it out under Full Analysis. I worked with Database 2020, as well as 3 others I created myself. So naturally, since say, database "Steinitz" (which I created and was copied from database 2020 and used as DB of Reference) was where I called up the game for Full Analysis in the first place - I looked for it there and found Nada. This is a klonky behavior from the program since intuitively it should store in the current and opened source database. A single line detailing this in the Help Section - Full Analysis would've made it obvious. I now know that I can also use File/Save Game as - to save it to a target database of my choice. (something that should also be included in the Help Files, BTW).

I am grateful you answered this but regretful it took this much effort on both our parts.

It will not auto-store in the DB you open the game from unless you open it from Autosave in the first place, even if you select "Store Evaluations" from the Full Analysis menu choices. If you save manually to some other DB, all analysis, graphics, etc. is retained. If a game you put through Full Analysis is manually stored other than Autosave than the analyzed game will only be found in the database you selected. In my PC in particular, the Autosave DB is located in Documents/Chessbase/Mywork. Which I believe is the default choice.

Hope this helps,

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