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Re: Willis on Sicilian4Knights
Reply #1 - 05/20/21 at 00:20:10
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If white is accustomed to sharp opposite side castling, typical of many Sicilian lines, the 4Ns will take him out of his comfort zone. It's an entirely different type of game.

I hope this book becomes available in a playable electronic format such as CBV (Chess Base), PGN (Chess Opening Wizard), Forward Chess, or the Gambit App Book (tablets only).
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Willis on Sicilian4Knights
05/19/21 at 14:40:43
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The Sicilian Four Knights
- A Simple and Sound Defense to 1.e4 -
by Corr Senior Master David Willis
Foreword by Vassilios Kotronias
Russell Enterprises ; 240 pages ; 25 $
August 2021

There‘s already an interesting PDF excerpt
with toc, preface, foreword & introduction.

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