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Re: A recurring pattern
Reply #1 - 08/27/23 at 02:23:58
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bro, what do you mean?
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A recurring pattern
03/11/22 at 21:45:54
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In another thread entirely ... Bibs wrote on 03/05/22 at 06:17:19:
Just curious - why the barrage of questions?

I was wondering this myself.

From a 2018 post on ... Quote:
This is why there is so much spamming on this ENTIRE website, groups of people posting one line comments in rapid fire bursts because they are targeting the HOT list and above all else the Most Recent list.

So, if you break up a single post into multiple short posts (basically replying to yourself), you push the other posts in the recents list (how I access chesspub) down or even off the list.
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