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Normal Topic stack trace in 1159984243 (Read 644 times)
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stack trace in 1159984243
06/05/22 at 18:41:48
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Trying to access gives a stack trace:
-.> quotemsg('Scholar', '1159984243/60#61', '1160289239^J^JSL [/quote',
-.> timeformat('1160289239^J^JSL [/quote', 0, 0, 0, 1)
-.> complains that "1160289239\n\nSL [/quote" is not a number.

It's interesting that the chesspub url parameter is handled differently when logged in versus when not logged in. I much prefer the not logged in behavior.
  • Logged in ?num=1159984243/56 gives Reply #45 .. #59
  • Not logged in ?num=1159984243/56 gives Reply #56 .. #70

Plunking around when not logged in seems to show the problem is in reply #70.
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