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Normal Topic Question re "In Fischer's Footsteps" in CBM 209 (Read 589 times)
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Question re "In Fischer's Footsteps" in CBM 209
10/06/22 at 22:10:26
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I believe this is an article about 6. Bc4 e6 7. 0-0 in the Najdorf, by GM Yago Santiago.  I wonder if someone who has it would like to say something about the contents, such as what variation(s) it addresses and perhaps whether it seems to have anything new/interesting.

(A bit about 7. 0-0:  a point of it, compared to 7. Bb3, is to make 7...Nbd7 dubious.  That was indicated by GMMikhailGolubev in his Sozin book of 21 years ago.  I see that he has faced 7...Nbd7 in some blitz games in the last couple of years, and each time [in the games I find] played 8. Bxe6, given in the just-mentioned book as very dangerous for Black.)
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