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FWIW: A Sale You Might Like
03/13/23 at 13:29:49
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Hey folks!

This is just a head's up - NOT a sales attempt. Thechessworld site is having a huge sale on vids. Vol. 1-182 as downloads for $97 US. So, less than .50 cents per title. I checked the details on a few titles and I would guess most titles are perhaps 7 - 10 years old. They advertise it as complete, but I think that is actually what THEY have, as there is a lot of product from So, FWIW. I will try to cut n paste in the whole title list here:

ChessLecture Mega Bundle [1-180]
Title of the video:
50 Years of Tal-Botvinnik 4 DVD Set
A Complete System for Black Against the English Opening
A Modern Take On Nimzowitsch
A Pawn is Worth Three Tempi
A Poisonous System Against the KID Fianchetto
A Secret Weapon for Black 2 DVD set
A Simple System Against the King's Gambit; Part I & 2
A System Against the French
A Trendy Answer in the Panov Botvinnik
A Tribute to Bent Larsen
A Tribute to Smyslov
A Weapon for Black Against the Ruy Lopez
a6/b5 Against the French Steinitz
Achieving GM: The Ultimate Goal 2 DVD set
Aggressive Pawn Chains
An Answer to the Scandinavian Defense
An Anti-Sicilian Line: b3 before d4
An Introduction to Openings
An Opening Repertoire for the Attacking Player
An Opening Repertoire for the Attacking Player Lectures 5 - 9
Attacking Chess 1
Attacking Chess 2
Attacking Chess 3
Awesome State Champions
Balance of Time, Material and Quality of Position
Basic Ideas Behind the Pirc Defense
Beating the King's Indian with the Smyslov
Beating the Sicilian with the Tiviakov Grand Prix
Black with Larsen
Black's Blasting Bishops in the Symmetrical Tarrasch
Capablanca in the Endgame
Carlsen's Black Magic & Carlsen in Baku
Chess Basics for Beginners
Classic Karpov
Complex Endgames
Concise Alekhine Crushes
Creative Opening Concepts
Danger of Playing Strategically Risky Openings
David VS Goliath: Unequal Opponents Battle
Dealing with the Bishop to b5 in the Sicilian
Decision Making
Decisive First Round Matchups from the Tromso Olympiad
Dzindzichashvili on Openings
Endgame Pointers, Positions and Problem Solving
Essential Strategic Concepts
Exploring Rook Endings 2 DVD Set
Fried Liver Attack and Variations, Theory and Examples
Fundamentals of Isolated Queen Pawn Positions
Great Masters in Chess History 2 DVD set
Great Tragedies in Chess History
How to Beat the Petrov with the Cochrane Gambit
How to Face Unorthodox Openings
How to Think Like a Grandmaster
How To Win Against 1.d4 Using Noteboom Variation; Parts I - IV
Ideas Behind The Bogo-Indian
Ideas for Nimzo Indian Players vs 1.c4, then vs 1.Nf3
Ideas in the Modern Benoni
Important Principles in Chess
Insights into the French Defense
Karpov Endgames
Kasparov on the King's Indian 2 DVD set
Keres Flowing Chess
King's Indian Against the Four Pawns Attack
King's Indian Masterpieces
King’s Indian for Black
King’s Indian for Black lectures 6-9
King’s Indian: Main Line  9.Nd2, 9.Ne1, 9.b4
Kramnik vs Deep Fritz
Learn from Karpov
Learn from the World Champions - The Classical Era 2 DVD set
Learn from the World Champions - The Modern Era 2 DVD set
Learn from the World Champions - The Soviet Era 2 DVD set
Learn from Your Fellow Amateurs 1
Learn from Your Fellow Amateurs 2
Learn from Your Fellow Amateurs 3
Learn from Your Fellow Amateurs 4
Learn from Your Fellow Amateurs 5
Learn from Your Fellow Amateurs 6
Learning Strategy and Prophylactic Thinking from the Best!
Magnus Madness
Middlegame Positions and Problem Solving
Miles on Hypermodernism
Modern Themes in the Benoni 2 DVD set
Mohr Flohr!
My Pet King's Indian, Na6
New Ideas in the French Defense
Nimzo Indian for White
Nimzo Indian Patterns 2 DVD set
Nuke the Sicilian
Opening Trends 2: The Kings Indian
Opening Trends 3: The Catalan
Opening Trends: The Russian Gruenfeld and Anti-Gruenfeld
Openings Overview
Pawn Endgames 2 DVD set
Pawn Strategy
Playing the Maroczy Bind For White
Positional Chess 2 DVD set
Power in Chess
Practical Rook Endgames
Queen's Gambit Declined; Tarrasch
Queen's Gambit Declined: Ragozin Defense 2 DVD set
Queen's Indian: Theory and Practice
Remembering Paul Keres
Rook Endgames
Rubinstein and the Tarrasch
Rubinstein's Great Endgames 2 DVD set
Self Analysis 2 DVD set
Semi-Slav, Meran for Black
Sicilicide: How to Beat The Sicilian Defense
Slav Defense with 4... a6
Smyslov Endgames 1
Smyslov Endgames 2
Smyslov Endgames 3
Standing up to the Trompowski
Steinitzian School of Defense
Step by Step Training Guide: 6 steps to 1600
Strategic Decisions
Strategy of Piece Play
Studies in: Alekhines Defense
Studies in: Bishop Pairs
Studies in: Bishops 2 DVD set
Studies in: Richter-Veresov Attack
Studies in: The Budapest Gambit
Studies in: The Caro-Kann Defense
Studies in: The Caro-Kann Defense: 2
Studies in: The Dragon
Studies in: The Dutch Defense
Studies in: The Najdorf Sicilian 2 DVD set
Studies in: The Petrov Defense 2 DVD set
Studies in: The Philidor Defense
Studies in: The Stonewall 2 DVD set
Studies in: The Vienna Game
Studies on The Middlegame
Tactical Motifs 1
Tactical Motifs 2
Tactical Motifs 3
Taking Out the Trash
The Accelerated Dragon
The Art of Roman Dzindzichashvili
The B6 Files
The Basic Principles of the Closed Sicilian for White
The Best of Reshevsky
The Caro-Kann Exchange Variation from White's Perspective
The Clear Play of Bobby Fischer 2 DVD set
The English Four Knights - For Both Colors 2  DVD set
The Exchange Sacrifice on c3 in the Sicilian
The Exchange Slav for White
The Fierce MacCutcheon 2 DVD set
The Fischer Endgame
The French Defense for White
The French Defense: Guimard Variation
The Great Battle Between Two ChessLecture Lecturers
The Great Games of Judit Polgar 2 DVD set
The Lighter Side
The Najdorf Poisoned Pawn: Then and Now
The Queen's Gambit and Friends 2 DVD set
The Reti for White
The Rise of Carlsen  2 DVD Set
The Stunning Traxler Counter Attack
The Unknown Side of Young Kasparov
Topalov vs. Anand 2010 World Chess Championship
Two Knights Defense

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