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Re: Database of engine games
Reply #1 - 05/23/23 at 11:54:21
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Maybe these were dynamic games played as a Monte-Carlo (probabilitic) evaluation of the position: the computer generates N random games and checks the final score to see what's going on. In this case, the dynamic games are lost.
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Database of engine games
05/22/23 at 16:25:00
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In a recent Chessable video course, Kramnik made repeated references to how many engine games there were from a particular position, and what the statistics were in such games.  For example, in one mainline position, he would say something like "There have been over 200,000 engine games from this position, and the statistics have been very good for Black."  Does anyone know what database he might be referring to?  TWIC doesn't include these games, does it?  Is there a similar site for regularly downloading engine games?
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