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Nimzo_2023 Chess GUI for Windows
08/25/23 at 09:08:25
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I have written a chess graphical user interface program
Nimzo_2023, which is a fork of the Tarrasch Chess GUI
with the following additional features :- 

  Shootout mode
  User defined board bitmaps
  Printing functions
  Puzzle mode
  PGN game file search functions
  Engine match and tournament functions

The links to download the program can be found
in the attached file links.txt
(I cannot post the links here, because I have not made
15 posts without links and I don't want to make
meaningless posts)
If you like the program and can publish links on this site,
please would you publish the links for me.

The download is a zip file  Nimzo_2023.7z
When you unzip this file you will find installation
and usage instructions in the file README1.txt

The program is free and open source,
so please feel free to share the program and the links.

Enjoy the game

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