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Stockfish 16 32-bit chess engines
08/30/23 at 12:31:21
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With Stockfish 15, the developers stopped providing
engines for Windows 32-bit, despite the fact that there
is still support to do this in the source code.

As an owner of one of these old machines,
I decided to build the engines myself.

You can download the engines from the Mediafire link
that I have made.

You will find this link in the attached file  Stockfish16_link.txt
at the bottom of the page.

(I have not made enough posts yet to publish these links here)

Please feel free to share the engines and the link.

P.S.  I had to remove the other link because Google flagged
it as dangerous, although it seemed fine to me.

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Reason: I removed a link that Google flagged as dangerous 

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