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Poll closed Question: Which is April's best game?
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*** This poll has now closed ***

Grischuk - Gurevich [C02]    
  6 (26.1%)
Polgar - Berkes [C11]    
  7 (30.4%)
Leko - Beliavsky [C95]    
  0 (0.0%)
Korchnoi - Gretarsson [D12]    
  7 (30.4%)
Dreev - Tiviakov [E12]    
  3 (13.0%)

Total votes: 23
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Re: April Game of the Month
06/11/03 at 09:36:00
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Here is the database of above mentioned 5 poll-games in pgn format.
Download here: ;
PS: Use free ChessBaseLight program if you don't have any software to open pgn format databases/games:
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