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Re: How to use this site?
Reply #1 - 10/05/10 at 13:42:05
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Drogo, take a look at the very first thread in this section. It may help you to search the chesspub.

In general, it helps to know the common terms of the openings. In this case, you may want to look at French Winawer lines without a3.

If you don't find a thread discussing your topic, go ahead and open up a new topic. There are plenty of helpful people to guide you (some grumblingly) to extant threads.
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How to use this site?
10/05/10 at 01:53:07
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I tried to get some help with a variation I sometimes play in blitz games in the French defense. I'm not sure exactly how it is called, I think that Winawer/Fingerslip. It goes like this 1. e4 e6 2. d4 d5 3. Nc3 Bb4 4. Bd2 dxe4 5. Qg4

I looked a little bit around in the dedicated forum, but I found nothing. Of course, I could not read all the posts about the French and using the search button I got no results. So, here is my question: is there somewhere an index after the opening moves of all the threads? Or it's just that, if you have a question, you open a new thread, even if there are other threads dealing with the same variation? I'm quite sure the line I mentioned above has been discussed somewhere, yet I don't know how to locate that thread.
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