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Normal Topic Main repertoire choice with Winawer, 7. Dg4 0-0 (Read 2018 times)
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Main repertoire choice with Winawer, 7. Dg4 0-0
02/17/18 at 22:52:28
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For those of you who play the Winawer, especifically the main line with 7. Dg4 0-0 8. Ad3 Cbc6, and either choosing one (or all?!) of 13...Ad7, 13...Df7 or 13...b5 in the absolute main sequence, do you play this regularly as a French player?

I like this line as Black, but in the database Black's score is not very good. Maybe it is the rating difference, maybe Black players enter the line without preparing enough, I do not know. And the only one that seems to play it regularly is Miedema and some others, in the 2300+ range.

Any French players have a feeling about using this line regularly in basically any game situation ? Thanks.
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