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Re: Solitaire chess software
Reply #1 - 11/21/18 at 06:11:14
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Sorry that is a very late reply to your question, but there is a program called Chess Hero that lets you play through games doing guess the move. I believe the chessgames website also has a feature for it. Last, but not least the newly released Chessbase 15 has incorporated the feature in something they call Replay Training.

The Chess Hero program I believe is able to jump between positions in different games in the pgn file it has, and can also go through the games move-by-move.
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Solitaire chess software
07/24/18 at 12:38:34
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My favorite way of learning openings and systems is by stydying and memorizing model games, and analysing mine. But reviewing all of them is a tedious task.
Can you advice a software/website that allows to solitaire/guess the moves (on windows)? I'd like the most to submit a database of mine and get random positions extracted from it.
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