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Normal Topic Extremely high position evaluation by Stockfish 9 (Read 1991 times)
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Re: Extremely high position evaluation by Stockfish 9
Reply #1 - 10/21/18 at 11:25:01
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Pretty much what this means is that mate IS imminent (in real terms), SF just can't find it yet.
If you asked a stronger machine, it would spit out "Mate in 47", but as your computer can't reach this depth, it just 'knows' there will be mate without knowing a concrete number of moves, so it tosses out some fantasy numbers.

If you put a clearly won pawn ending on the board, where you aren't promoting in the next few moves (say you have a passive king, 2vs0 pawns, and distract the enemy king with one pawn to be able to queen the other), SF will also usually start out at something like +3 and then quickly climb to something like +59, without finding an actual mate yet.

Now if you have a position that isn't 1600% won and where this still happens (as an actual misevaluation), I'd be interested.. but the +130 or whatever is pretty normal. In general of course you shouldn't be taking those numbers too seriously..
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Extremely high position evaluation by Stockfish 9
10/20/18 at 15:29:38
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During recent game analysis I noted Stockfish's 'score' in pawn equivalents was 132.77 . This was during transition mid to endgame in one of my OTB games. There were a total of 12 pieces on the board and absolute difference between the sides was only 4 pawn values. Mate was not imminent.

Adding 3.5 for bishops , or 3.25 for both knights & bishops, the whole army is worth 39.5 pawn-equivalents. Admittedly most of the value is in the position, not the material. But how can the
positional value be over three times the value of all the pieces ?

System is Shredder 12 in Windows usually running at  1:00 per
ply. But these values are not unusual. Often the scores are 60 to 130. Seem incongruously high.
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